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Toughened Glass

Compared to normal glass, thermally toughened safety glass has the dual benefit of sustaining high impact working pressures, up to five times stronger than standard glass, and a high temperature differential between the two faces.
When broken the glass fractures into hundreds of tiny pieces, not usually sharp.
Thicknesses available to toughen are 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 19mm.
We do not toughen thicknesses of 3mm or less as they do not meet the British Standard.


5-14 working days depending upon complexity of design.

Window & Door Glass
Critical locations demand the use of safety glass. This is available in single glazing or made up into sealed units. Both clear glass & patterned / frosted are available.

Internal cupboard shelves or for wall displays.

Table Tops
Use glass as a stand alone top for your base, or as protection for your table top.

Furniture Protection
Protect the tops of your furniture Ideal for tables, side tables, sideboards, bedside cabinets.

Internal staircases revamped using glass External garden division.


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