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Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass
Manufactured in various thicknesses for commercial & domestic use.
It is made up of 2 pieces of float or toughened glass (Evasafe) with a laminate interlayer.
When broken the laminate holds the glass together and prevents it from collapsing, leaving the property secure.
This makes it ideal for shop fronts and doors.
It can also be used in double glazed units where extra security is required.
In Stock
4.4mm Clear    6.4mm Clear    6.4mm Stippolyte    6.4mm Opal
To Order (3-4 working days)   
8.8mm Clear    10.8mm Clear
Accoustic Laminated
Please ask for details & quotations


A Toughened Laminate.
10-14 working days from order.
This is used for glass flooring and for balconies at critical height where an independent handrail isn’t available or wanted.


Toughened Glass
5-7 working days from order. 
Stronger than standard float glass.
It is used in critical locations, ie doors and low level windows.
Also for furniture protection / balustrades / balconies / shower screens.
It can be cut to virtually any shape to suit your needs.
Available from 4mm.


Fire Glass
Stove glass
available within 48 hours.
Bespoke shapes & sizes available.
Fire glass for glazing is available with different ratings, called integrity, half hour 30/00 and 1 hour 60/0.
In Stock -
Georgian Wired Polished Safety Plate 30/00
Georgian Wired Rough Cast 30/00
To order -
C7/30 clear unwired and laminated
30/00 Toughened Fire Glass Please ask for details & quotations


All fire glass must be fitted to fire protection regulations for it to be effective & within the law


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