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All glass is cut to your requirements

Sealed Units

Sealed Units

Whether you need double glazed units for new frames or for the replacement of broken or misted up windows, we can supply sealed units in various types of glass.
Shaped units available.

We can provide clear / patterned / toughened / full energy care / leaded / Georgian bar / fire rated / security / triple glazed.

Sealed units can be manufactured in various thicknesses to suit your frames from 14mm.

Spacer bars are available in silver / dark bronze / gold / black aluminium & black or grey warm edge (for energy care units).



SUPPLY ONLY - Please call us with your sizes for a competitive price 01484 535106

SUPPLY & FIT - free quotations / site visits available

Clear Glass & Mirrors

Clear Glass & Mirrors

We stock, cut & process a wide range of Pilkington© clear glass & mirror. It can be cut to your bespoke size & shape, with the option of polished edges / cut outs / fan or cat flap holes & drilling available.

In house work is usually available to collect within 24 hours or sooner for smaller orders.


Please call 01484 535106 or email huddersfieldplateglass@gmail.com with your requirements.

We provide a measuring & fitting service.


In stock:

  • 2mm float – picture glass
  • 4mm float
  • 6mm float
  • 10mm float
  • Horticultural Glass – 24” x 18” 24” x 24”  28 3/4” x 56” or cut to your size & shape
  • 6.4mm laminate(safety glass)
  • 4mm Silver
  • 6mm Silver
  • Other thicknesses available on request


  • Available in 4mm & 6mm
  • Standard silver always in stock
  • The more decorative Grey tint / Rose Gold / Antique mirror is available to order
  • Safety backing available for extra safety & for use in public buildings & schools
  • Polished edges are available in house, or mirrors requiring a bevelled edge are ordered in and take approx 2 weeks

Large sheets are available for commercial applications & home gyms.

Laminate Safety Glass

Laminate Safety Glass

Manufactured in various thicknesses for commercial & domestic use.

It is made up of 2 pieces of float or toughened glass (Evasafe) with a laminate interlayer.

When broken the laminate holds the glass together and prevents it from collapsing, leaving the property secure.

This makes it ideal for shop fronts and doors.

It can also be used in double glazed units where extra security is required.


In Stock:

  • 4.4mm Clear
  • 6.4mm Clear
  • 6.4mm Stippolyte
  • 6.4mm Opal

To Order: (3-4 working days)

  • 8.8mm Clear
  • 10.8mm Clear
  • Accoustic Laminated

Please ask for details & quotations.


  • A Toughened Laminate.
  • 10-14 working days from order.
  • This is used for glass flooring and for balconies at critical height where an independent handrail isn’t available or wanted.

Toughened Glass

  • 5-7 working days from order.
  • Stronger than standard float glass.
  • It is used in critical locations, i.e. doors and low level windows, as well as for furniture protection / balustrades / balconies / shower screens.
  • It can be cut to virtually any shape to suit your needs.
  • Available from 4mm.

Fire Glass

Stove glass - available within 48 hours. Bespoke shapes & sizes available.

Fire glass - for glazing is available with different ratings, called integrity, half hour 30/00 and 1 hour 60/0.

In Stock:

  • Georgian Wired Polished Safety Plate 30/00
  • Georgian Wired Rough Cast 30/00

To Order:

  • C7/30 clear unwired and laminated
  • 30/00 Toughened Fire Glass Please ask for details & quotations

All fire glass must be fitted to fire protection regulations for it to be effective & within the law.

Patterned Glass

Patterned Glass

We carry a good stock of patterned glass from the Pilkington Range. Obscurity levels differ with each pattern, ranging from 1 to 5, with level 5 being the most obscure.

All patterned glass is available in 4mm with just a few in 6mm.

All patterned glass can be toughened in 5-7 working days.

We also stock 6.4mm safety laminate in Stippolyte (privacy level 4) or opal (fully obscure / milky white in colour) which can be cut whilst you wait, for a quicker alternative to the toughening process. 

Pilkington Opal/Satin is available in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm which has a look of sandblasted glass.

This is also available in toughened.

We also offer a leading service and can etch your glass to include letters and numbers of your choice.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass

Compared to normal glass, thermally toughened safety glass has the dual benefit of sustaining high impact working pressures, up to five times stronger than standard glass, and a high temperature differential between the two faces.

When broken the glass fractures into hundreds of tiny pieces, not usually sharp.

Thicknesses available to toughen are 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 19mm.

We do not toughen thicknesses of 3mm or less as they do not meet the British Standard.


5-14 working days depending upon complexity of design.

  • Window & Door Glass
    Critical locations demand the use of safety glass. This is available in single glazing or made up into sealed units. Both clear glass & patterned / frosted are available.
  • Shelving
    Internal cupboard shelves or for wall displays.
  • Table Tops
    Use glass as a stand alone top for your base, or as protection for your table top.
  • Furniture Protection
    Protect the tops of your furniture Ideal for tables, side tables, sideboards, bedside cabinets.
  • Balustrades
    Internal staircases revamped using glass External garden division.

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural Glass

Commonly known as greenhouse glass, hoticultural glass is a 3mm clear glass that comes in two standards sizes, which we can then cut down to your exact shape and size.

This glass is suitable for greenhouses, cold frames and sheds/outhouses.

It's robust nature allows it to withstand strong wind and rain, and scratches are less evident. This glass will break with sharp impact, for example with a ball or stone.

A safer alternative to horticultural glass could be (depending on your needs) 6.4mm laminate and 4mm toughened glass.

Fire/Stove Glass

Fire/Stove Glass

We are able to help you replace your stove glass safely and effectively.

Stove glass plays an important role by trapping in heat and stopping fire sparks leaving the wood burner.

If you notice that your glass is beginning to look tired or that there are signs of damage from regular use, it's better to act sooner rather than later.

Stove glass replacement is replaced with ceramic glass.

Supplied & Fitted

Supplied & Fitted

Whether it be in the home or for a commercial premises, we have extensive experience.

We can repair most glazing installations, which include fire safety glass, glass balustrades and balconies, splashbacks and glass worktops, as well as more conventional glazing units for UPVC windows. 

Additional Glazing Products

Additional Glazing Products

Here at Huddersfield Plate Glass we stock various glazing accessories including adhesives and sealants, glazing tapes, pads, pins and putty knives.

Please do ring and ask for anything specific.